Seed Starting Supplies

Starting seeds can look intimidating. Gardeners use all kinds of different methods, kits and supplies to get their seeds going and it can be hard to determine what is best for you. I am going to share multiple options in each category so you can make the best decision for your gardening needs. Here we go!



The most convenient and easy to find soil is a potting mix or raised bed mix from your local hardware store. I started off using a simple bag of potting soil which worked incredibly well for me. You can get pretty fancy with this by adding vermiculite, compost and other additives but a simple potting soil will also do the trick if that sounds too complicated for you. 


1. Kellogg Organics Raised Bed & Potting Mix 

2. Enriched Potting Soil


3. Combination of Soil & Vermiculite 


Seed starting trays

1. Beginner Friendly Seed Starting Trays

2. Large Seed Starting Trays



1. Movable LED Grow Lights 

2. Mounted LED Grow Lights



1. Johnny's Seeds

2. Eden Brothers

3. Floret


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