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The Best Beginner Compost Bins: Start Composting Inside Today

Sep 19, 2023

Nicole Jones

The conversation of composting has risen in recent years, and for good cause. Composting can help reduce waste, improve soil health and increase garden yields. Whether you have decided to start composting to step up your gardening, or you're simply trying to help the environment, you've made a great choice.

Here are my favorite countertop compost bins for beginner composters:

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1. Classic Stainless Steel Compost Bin

This option is perfect for a sleek look and if you're worried about smells. The charcoal filter and stainless steel keep odors masked and contained. This 1.3 Gallon bin will hold more than you think!

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2. Modern Farmhouse Compost Bucket

This beautiful rustic compost bin almost resembles a ceramic utility jar that no one would guess you have compost right on your kitchen counter! A slightly smaller 1 gallon size is a trade off for the upgraded design. This bamboo compost bin comes in white or black to match your kitchen style.

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3. Rustic Style Compost Bucket

Take your composting style up a notch with this clean, white compost bin. A generous 1.3 gallon bucket will hold plenty of table scraps and the cute black text will let everyone know right where they can put their compostable trash.

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